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The Woodland Barn

September, 2018

As a space intended for the use of the for the ideal retreat the Woodland Barn was a collaborative endeavour. In our view, it is the perfect combination of design and practicality. If you’re ever visit The Lakes by Yoo, we encourage you to stop by for a visit and see it for yourself.

Met Office


A grand relocation project which saw the relocation of the entire Meterological department to a bespoke complex that housed staff and supercomputers that predict the weather.

The Lakes By Yoo

2007 - Ongoing

The Residential Community is definitely designed to impress and judging by the reactions of visitors, it manages to do just that. The Nature Reserve has been transformed in the very definition of sustainability with the introduction Eco Lodges that are nested in the landscape and perched over the lake shore. Our design made sure to provide easy access to the landscape all while maintaining a regal and majestic feel. We encourage you to come see this masterpiece whenever you get the chance.

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